Cymatiks, a new event from Agents Of Time, launches on September 28.

Agents Of Time - who worked with Hiveh and Sagrado Corp on the event - play the first party at Brussels venue Hangar, alongside Floating Points, Danny Daze, Red Axes, Anna Nova, Tijana T and more.

Immersive experiences, video installations, 3D spaces, FX light sculptures and vibrational objects can be expected at the 12-hour party. There will also be an exhibition in the venue the day before.

The team behind Cymatiks said: "Cymatiks feels the need to be more attached to sound, not only the synchronicity or the representation of the sound. Cymatiks allows the sounds to "speak" for itself, in other words: Cymatiks wants the sound to be an image."

Further parties take place in Beirut, Lebanon on April 20 and Phu Quoc, Vietnam on January 4.

The name of the event comes from 'cymatics', which is the "study of wave phenomena and vibration derived from the Greek 'kyma' (wave) and 'ta kymatica 'meaning' matters pertaining to waves."

Grab tickets here.

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