After 14 Years, Envotion Unleash Debut Album "We Are", A Synth Wave Masterpiece

Since their inception in 2004, Hugo Alberts, Laurens Alberts, and Stijn Halfens aka Envotion, have spent every spare minute honing their craft, reshaping and perfecting every tiny sound bit to have them conform to their sky-high standards. Now, fourteen amazing years later, their ‘80s-flavored take on Progressive House is widely regarded as one the most alluring signatures sounds in the electronic music landscape and their hard work and devotion have paid f in the purest and most enchanting forms: their debut album: ‘We Are’.

If you are a fan progressive house, synth-wave, 80's, knight rider vibes, this could possibly be the best album 2018 for you. I honestly did not think that it could be possible to make 13 synth heavy 80's style progressive house tunes and I would damn near like every minute all 13.

‘We Are' is not an album to seek the “drop” or the “hook”, this is all about the long-haul and it's so worth it. I can not pick out 1 track on the album that sticks out to me as a favorite as they all hit a different note to me that needed to be hit.

‘We Are' is definitely not for every electronic dance music fan, but for those that it does reach, it brings back a style music that the electronic community surely misses.

Check out ‘We Are' by Envotion below, and let us know what you think!

Photo Credit : Armada Music