Adventure Club is responsible for a good portion of dubstep fans finding the genre initially. Their work pioneering the melodic dubstep sound alongside the likes of Zeds Dead made the bass genre accessible to a population who was unfamiliar with dance music. Their hypnotic and emotionally charged singles were magical and soon shaped what the future of dubstep would look like for the early 2010s. Some of their best work can be found on their Superheroes Anonymous mixtapes, where the guys drop bootlegs and remixes alongside some of the best artists in the game.

Superheroes Anonymous Vol 9

This past weekend while everyone was honoring our veterans as well as enjoying a 3-day weekend, Adventure Club teased the tracklist for Superheroes Anonymous Vol 9, and it looks like it could be the best one yet. Including collaborations with the likes of Bonnie X Clyde, Snails, and Dion Timmer as well as bootlegs of tracks from Rusko and Virtual Self – this is going to be massive. Check out the partial tracklist below, Adventure Club hasn't released the full one just yet. Also, take a listen to the last Superheroes Anonymous!

All the new records you can expect to hear on Superheroes Anonymous 9 andddd we still got more for you after that.

— Adventure Club (@AdventureDub) May 27, 2018