Adidas's New Line  Sneakers to be Rave Inspired

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Well, in this case, Adidas is giving everyone the right shoe to take on summer with style. Four Spezial trainer silhouettes will be revived from the archives for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Every collection derives inspiration from something: an emotion, a city, an era. For Designer Gary Aspden, rave culture was it. Carefree with an energetic spirit, the underground scene became the perfect aesthetic for a new shoe collection. The smooth, colorful motifs inspired new fabric textures, making for the perfect way to pay homage to the late 80s. Who says those warehouse vibrations can’t be found in couture?

The Brit aptly named the collection ‘Second Summer Of Love‘ in celebration the moment rave culture and acid house took over the UK. He chose this appellation because “it felt like an interesting story to tell”. Acid house is minimalist with a production aesthetic that makes for quite the emblem. More ten than not, shoes reflect our persona and identity. It’s only fitting that Adidas has a relevance to rave subculture. After all, running shoes are the best thing to wear on a night out dancing.

Shown below, the Spezial Spring/Summer 2018 collection includes the Samba-esque Hulton, the Padiham, the Indoor Kreft and two colorways the Glenbuck. From design to production, each shoe has a different, unique characteristic inspired by the original three-striped icon. The fabric, composition, and style give way to its function. Each differs from the next on whether it be a running shoe or a fashion statement. It is anything you make it be.

Adidas's New Line  Sneakers to be Rave Inspired

Which shoe will we be seeing you fashion? What do you think an electronic dance music inspired collection? Find out more on Gary’s inspirations for each shoe with this video below.