Ela Minus. Who is this woman behind such artistic brilliance from her music videos, lyrics, and music production? How did she start her music career? All of these questions came to my mind. I wanted to know more about her after hearing the first single release of acts of rebellion called, "megapunk," a pulsating beat and lyrics that were relatable to the American climate of injustice both for inequality and racial divide but also applicable to global issues:

"We can't seem to find--Any peace of mind--As much as we try --There's no way out but fight --You won't make us stop--You won't make us stop-- You won't make us stop the run You don't want to understand-- You're choosing to lead us apart-- But against all odds --You still won't make us stop"

Last week, Ela also released a remix package for "megapunk," with contributions by Elkka, Machine Woman and Veracco.

Although this is Ela Minus's debut album, I scoured the internet wanting to see more live sets and watch all of her visually stimulating and simplistic monochrome music videos with lyrics to accompany. 

acts of rebellion (aor) is a masterpiece of dexterity and speaks to Ela's musical artistry showcasing her as a producer, writer, vocalist, and director. Her latest October single release "dominique" is another representation of taking a moment in time that is relatable to anyone that has had night owl moments of seclusion: 

"Today I woke up at 7 p.m--My brain feels like it's going to break--I haven't seen anyone in a couple of days--I am afraid I forgot how to talk--To anyone else that's not myself--No quiero dormir hasta que salga el sol" {I don't want to sleep until the sun rises}

After I connected with Ela Minus to learn more, we had an unreserved chat about how she ended up in the United States from Colombia, how she started creating her own music synths and how she fell in love with dance music. I inquire about some of her songs off of acts of rebellion, ask who "tony" is on her album, and how her track "close" turns into a duet with singer Helgado Negro. 

Watch another series in my "dinner table chats" with Ela Minus who is currently staying in Colombia, her native country, during the pandemic.

For more information, check out www.elaminus.com.

Buy the album here & listen below.

 Bonus perks: Ela shares with us her top three music artist recommendations.

1. Elkka - B2 Talkin'

2. Verraco - Boiler Room:

3. Upsammy - Subsoil:

She also shares her favorite production creations and equipment-- Check it out!

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