Ableton, the renowned music software company, is launching a new podcast series titled “Doing Music.” This series delves into the creative processes of various artists, shedding light on the techniques and strategies they use to generate their musical ideas. Hosted by Craig Schuftan, the podcast aims to debunk the myth that creativity is an innate talent only a few possess. Instead, it emphasizes that anyone with a passion for music can cultivate and develop creativity.

The first three episodes, released on June 13, 2024, feature insightful interviews with YouTube sensation Cavetown, producer and vocalist Sofia Kourtesis, and Equinoxx founder Gavsborg. New episodes will follow every two weeks, available on all major podcast platforms.

Exploring the Techniques of Top Artists:

“Doing Music” provides listeners with a rare glimpse into the creative minds of successful artists. In each episode, Craig Schuftan engages in deep conversations with musicians, exploring their hands-on approaches to stay inspired and productive in their work.

These discussions reveal artists’ diverse methods to spark creativity, from unconventional brainstorming techniques to daily habits that keep their artistic juices flowing. By sharing these strategies, the podcast aims to equip listeners with practical tools they can use in their own musical journeys. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or a seasoned professional, “Doing Music” offers valuable insights to enhance your creative process.

Building a Creative Toolkit:

One of the primary goals of “Doing Music” is to help listeners build a toolkit of practices to ignite their own creative ideas. Throughout the series, artists share their personal experiences and the specific techniques they use to overcome creative blocks and generate fresh concepts. These can include everything from experimenting with different instruments and sounds to setting aside dedicated time for improvisation.

By compiling these varied approaches, the podcast creates a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to enhance their creativity. Listeners can adopt and adapt these practices to fit their unique style, ultimately fostering a more dynamic and innovative music-making process.


What is the focus of the “Doing Music” podcast? The “Doing Music” podcast focuses on exploring the creative processes of various artists. Host Craig Schuftan interviews musicians about their techniques and strategies to generate musical ideas and stay inspired in their work.

Who are some of the featured artists in the first episodes? The first three episodes feature interviews with YouTube sensation Cavetown, producer and vocalist Sofia Kourtesis, and Equinoxx founder Gavsborg.

How often will new episodes be released? New “Doing Music” episodes will be released every two weeks on all major podcast platforms.

What can listeners expect to gain from the podcast? Listeners can expect to gain valuable insights into the creative processes of successful artists. The podcast aims to debunk the myth that creativity is innate and provides practical tools and strategies to help listeners enhance their creative abilities.

How can I subscribe to the “Doing Music” podcast? You can subscribe to the “Doing Music” podcast on all major podcast platforms.

Ableton’s new podcast series, “Doing Music,” is a must-listen for anyone interested in music creation. By featuring in-depth interviews with successful artists, the podcast provides valuable insights and practical techniques to help listeners ignite their creativity. Whether you’re just starting or looking to refine your craft, “Doing Music” offers a wealth of knowledge to inspire and guide your musical journey. Be sure to subscribe and tune in to the first three episodes on June 13, 2024, and stay tuned for new episodes every two weeks.

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