Recently and linked up for a throwback to the days, dropping f their grinding new collaboration, “Ride For Me,” on . The track was met with equal parts surprise and praise, with Young Thug delivering one his most aberrantly eccentric vocal performances in recent memory, complemented by rising rapper 24hrs’ tempered contribution, all wrapped up and packed tightly into a slow-burning A-Trak trap beat.

The pair have now released an ficial video accompaniment that ties together genres, styles, cultures, and even generations. Thugger and A-Trak rope in a heavy dose 90’s nostalgia, linking with renown skate video director and Zoo York founder Eli Morgan Gesner for “‘s” one--a-kind concept.

The video clips together Gesner’s archived footage legendary NYC skaters from two decades ago with cuts A-Trak and Thug revisiting the same spots in the present day, filmed with the same Hi-8 camera, making the clips 1994 and 2018 nearly indistinguishable. The feature’s visual aesthetics, which A-Trak describes perfectly as, “both nostalgic and post-modern,” play right into the track’s sonic appeal, juxtaposing a retro snapshot life in the urban underground with a soundtrack futuristic, new wave hip-hop.