As a follow-up to their debut EP, today French psychedelic rock trio Carré releases an ingenious remix of their single "Freeform." Featuring colleague A.T.M. (AKA Alex Tran), the single is dark and driving dance music at its finest. 

Originally featured on last summer's self-titled debut EP, "Freeform" is highly innovative with gloomy undertones. Adding a touch of industrial, Anglo Saxon rock influences and organic instrumentation on top of the original, A.T.M. breathes new life into the original track. Featuring two talented drummers who brilliantly blend organic and hypnotizing drum loops with aggressive, dark and chaotic elements, A.T.M. fuses distorted vocoded vocals, drum and bass beats, and arpeggiators. A non-stop dance party, A.T.M.'s remix of "Freeform" helps us soar to new heights with their avant-garde and mesmerizing musical style. 

The momentum will only continue to build as Carré plans to release their new single and matching music video “Turn Down The Choir," slated for release on August 20th. Be on the lookout for many exciting things from Carré in the near future as they prepare for their 2022 debut album release. 

Listen to the remix of "Freeform" by A.T.M.