Talented Producer and Live Performer A ON, is back with a bang with his latest production, ‘Span Attention’. As he offers listeners a thrilling sonic experience, one that will surely leave them transfixed by his powerful signature sound, A ON once again makes his unique talents known, solidifying himself as a dynamic and refreshing talent currently emerging on the Electronic Music scene.

Known for his hard-hitting energy and innovative approach to Electronic Music, A ON continues to captivate listeners with his original sonic persona. His inventive creative practices set him apart within the genre, showcasing his talent and potential for growth within Electronic Music. Despite being in the early stages of his musical journey, A ON has already established himself as a striking talent, blending elements from Trance, Techno, and Acid House to create a sound that is both distinctive and potent.

‘Span Attention’ opens with intense synth hits, a pulsating beat, and a pounding bassline, creating an atmospheric sound that is sure to draw listeners in, leading them on a hypnotizing journey as the track drives forward. Featuring processed vocal samples, punchy leads, lively arpeggiators, and upbeat sonic details, ‘Span Attention’ keeps the energy high throughout, offering a layered and detailed soundscape for listeners to discover. With A ON’s magnetic energy shining through in this production, the danceable vibes and catchy hooks will surely keep the listener’s ‘attention’ from start to finish, delivering a production that serves to highlight A ON’s expertise in creating engaging and impactful music.

Emerging as a must-listen track for fans of A ON and lovers of the genre, ‘Span Attention’ appears as the perfect showcase of A ON’s impressive skillset and abilities, cementing him as an exciting talent to watch once again. So, be sure to follow A ON across social media to stay updated on his latest releases and performances. ‘Span Attention’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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