PC Music founder A. G. Cook is releasing a 49-track album called ‘7G’ on August 12.

The music is split across seven discs, each of which is dedicated to a different instrument or discipline: ‘Drums’, ‘Guitar’, ‘Supersaw’, ‘Piano’, ‘Nord’, ‘Spoken Word’ and ‘Extreme Vocals’.

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There’s covers of tracks by artists such as Charli XCX, Blur, Taylor Swift, The Strokes, and guest features from Caroline Polachek, Tommy Cash, Hannah Diamond, Cecile Believe and Alaska Reid.

Listen to lead single ‘7G (7 Minute Mix)’ and check out the tracklist below. Pre-order the album Bandcamp.

A. G. Cook announces 49-track album ‘7G’

Disc 1 - A. G. Drums

1. A-Z
2. Acid Angel
3. H2O
4. Drum Solo
5. Nu Crush
6. Gemstone Break
7. Silver

Disc 2 - A. G. Guitar

1. Gold Leaf
2. Being Harsh
3. Undying
4. Drink Blood
5. Lil Song
6. Beetlebum (Blur cover)
7. Superstar (Live at Secret Sky)

Disc 3 - A. G. Supersaw

1. Mad Max
2. Illuminated Biker Gang
3. Soft Landing
4. Overheim
5. DJ Every Night
6. Car Keys
7. Dust

Disc 4 - A. G. Piano

1. Oracle
2. Note Velocity
3. Windows
4. Feeling
5. Waldhammer
6. Polyphloisboisterous
7. Anything Could Happen

Disc 5 - A. G. Nord

1. Behind Glass
2. Oohu
3. The Best Day (Taylor Swift cover)
4. Triptych Demon
5. Official (Charli XCX cover)
6. Crimson
7. Life Speed

Disc 6 - A. G. Spoken Word

1. Could It Be
2. The End Has No End (The Strokes cover)
3. No Yeah
4. Green Beauty
5. Unreal
6. 2021
7. Hold On

Disc 7 - A. G. Extreme Vocals

1. Today (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
2. Chandelier (Sia cover)
3. Idyll (Life Sim cover)
4. Show Me What feat. Cecile Believe
5. Somers Tape
6. Crimson and Clover (Tommy James and Shondells cover)
7. Alright

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