Since 2010 living on Akamire Street in Tallahassee, Florida, the craze for deadmau5 began in the popular eye. A friend make-shifting a proper deadmau5 mask and climbing a light pole in the middle of the college town street like the weekend would never end.

This is deadmau5, now the world-renowned electronic music artist from Toronto is pulling into Colorado Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4 for his annual ‘Day of the deadmau5’ celebrations which includes two shows at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a pop-up shop at Space Annex in Denver and the after party at The Church that everyone should enjoy. Everyone can enjoy life in the mask as Joel does.


Presented by Nitro Nation, Secretlab, Coco Vodka, Denver Exotic Rental Cars and Advance Industries, the pop-up is where fans can interact with some of their favorite mau5trap artists and take part in unique experiences, plus have access to exclusive merchandise. From 11am to 8pm Friday and Saturday the mau5hop POP UP SHOP will be at 95 S Cherokee St, Denver, CO.  The Red Rocks shows begin at 7:30 pm.

Joining deadmau5 at Red Rocks will be Jauz, Good Times Ahead and Volaris.

Day of the deadmau5


Recently, deadmau5 collaborated with REZZ on ‘Infraliminal’ via Mau5trap and released the debut self-titled album of his side project, Kx5, with Kaskade.

In the live performance realm, his U.S. cubev3 tour, characterized by his own design and vision, achieved Top 10 status. In 2022, he made history headlining the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as part of Kx5, cementing his status as the largest single-day concert event headlined by an electronic music artist in North America. Review our coverage of that historic night on the USC grounds.

Iconic deadmau5 single ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ featuring Rob Swire has received a fresh remix treatment from Bay Area-born electronic DJ and producer Jauz who will be right before deadmau5 this weekend. The original 2008 release is a staple across dance music culture and with the new remix, Jauz signifies a new era for dance music.


“Making a remix for a song as revered and respected as ‘Ghosts n’ Stuff’ ‘Ghosts n’ Stuff’ is honestly almost an impossible task,” says Jauz. “It was intimidating and humbling, to say the least. But it was also a great exercise to remind myself how to stop putting pressure and expectation on myself, and just make whatever comes out naturally. I made eight different versions of this remix and this is the only one that really felt like ‘me.’ Thanks to Joel and the team for letting me remix one of the greatest electronic records of all time.  It was an honor and such a cool experience.” Learn more about Jauz and his new album and tour concept Wise & Wicked through our recent interview.


Amidst the saturated landscape of electronic music, Good Times Ahead, the dynamic Miami-born DJ and producer duo comprising Matt Toth and Julio Meija, have emerged as paragons of musical authenticity and innovation.

Good Times Ahead

They have masterfully crafted a remarkable musical empire that transcends boundaries. From chart-topping hits like ‘Intoxicated’ with Martin Solveig to genre-defying collaborations with the likes of Rick Ross and Rihanna.

In the summer of 2021, Volaris was a mysterious enigma in the dance music realm, with no public presence to speak of.


However, his breakout track ‘Through The Night’, a collaboration with Nightlapse and Nathan Nicholson under Armada, caught the discerning ear of John Summit who promptly signed Volaris as the first addition to his freshly minted Off The Grid Records. Volaris’ meteoric rise continued as his music, like the melodic house gem ‘Slow Motion’, stirred a frenzy once featured during John Summit’s set at Ushuaïa Ibiza.

Volaris has now expanded his catalog to encompass six proper dance music productions, including ‘Tygar’, ‘Take Me Under’, ‘Purple Skies’, and ‘I’m So Weak’, all following the successful Off The Grid release. In 2023, Volaris continued his ascent with a major show at Printworks, a high-profile remix, and more action-packed releases.

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