For those seeking an ebike for urban commuting and the occasional dirt road adventure, the Mukkpet Ninja offers solid performance, serious range potential, and a sweet moped/mini bike style design that leans more towards a moped than a bicycle. This direct-to-consumer bike company is like many I have seen over the last few years, and it gives consumers a lot more bang for the buck than domestic brands.

Since most e-bikes are manufactured in China, lesser-known direct-to-consumer companies often use the same factories and components as more expensive US or EU brands. With no middleman, these Chinese companies can provide consumers with some much better options for the price, but those come with caveats you need to consider.

Mukkpet Ninja Ebike At A Glance

Here are some pros and cons of Mukkpet and DTC bikes overall along with a short breakdown of what I think makes this bike unique in a very crowded marketplace:

The pros: 

The Mukkpet Ninja offers a dual battery system, Shimano components, top speeds of 28+ mph, and decent build quality for under $2,000.

The cons:

Sometimes, these companies can be challenging to get warranty services/protection or repair services, and they often don’t meet US compliance regulations on parts. Make sure to read customer reviews and do your research when purchasing a direct-to-consumer bike. One of the problems with the Mukkpet Ninja is the charger is not compliant, so it’s best to adhere to some common sense practices when charging your Mukkpet Ninja. More info here from calbike on some best practices. 

Why It’s Unique:

I took the Mukkpet Ninja on and off-road and had a blast with this e-bike, but we only used the pedals sparingly. The Ninja’s design leans more towards a traditional moped and isn’t designed to be pedaled much. Therefore, when buying a bike like the Ninja, it’s important to consider that it’s not built to be used as a traditional bicycle. The pedals and gears are useful when you run out of battery and need to pedal, but that’s their primary purpose. With that in mind, let’s dive into the review to discuss what I liked and what I thought fell short.

Unpacking The Mukkpet Ninja Ebike

Mukkpet Ninja Ebike

Build Quality and Design:

The Mukkpet Ninja Ebike impresses at first glance with its sleek and minimalist moped-style design. It is suitable for riders around 5’4″ to 6’2″ as it features a non-adjustable 22″ long bench seat, allowing you to find the perfect riding position. The Ninja’s frame is made from 6061 Aluminum, which provides a manageable weight (80 lbs) for the bike itself and increased strength and durability. Keep in mind that 80 pounds is manageable but is still quite heavy for most people and not easy to carry up or down stairs, etc. If you use this bike to commute to work and need to carry it for any distance, like going up stairs, this is probably not a good bike for you.

The Ninja’s payload is around 300 pounds, so if you are a larger rider or carrying some cargo, you should be covered. However, the closer you get to the max, the more strain there will be on battery life.

Pros: Sturdy, great design, and offers a comfortable ride for most people.

Cons: The chargers feel cheap and don’t seem to be compliant for the US, and the handlebar bracket needs to be extremely tight, or it could swivel during rougher rides. When we first got the bike, we took it off a curb, and the impact caused the handlebars to roll forward, which could have caused a serious wipeout.


When it comes to performance, the Mukkpet Ninja E-bike delivers a thrilling ride both on and off the asphalt. Powered by a high-torque electric motor, the Ninja accelerates relatively smoothly and has enough power to handle most hills. The top speed is listed at 28 mph, but I got the bike going faster than that, so I highly recommend using a helmet at all times on this thing. The intuitive throttle control allows for seamless acceleration and deceleration, while the smooth-shifting gears ensure optimal performance in any riding condition.

Another plus of this e-bike is its off-road performance, and I almost enjoyed taking it on dirt/gravel trails more than riding it on the street. The Ninja comes with fat knobby tires and full suspension that easily absorb rougher terrain and give you a smoother overall ride.

When we did use the pedals, I found the gears to shift smoothly. While not our favorite method to use on this bike, it did work well enough to get around if you were to run out of battery on the road.

Battery Life and Charging:

One of the most significant factors in considering an e-bike these days is the power and mileage the battery can deliver, and the Mukkpet Ninja E-bike excels in this regard. The Ninja comes with two high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that can be used simultaneously to deliver an impressive 80-120 mile range with both batteries fully charged. The batteries are removable, and the bike can be used with a single battery to reduce overall weight when you are planning shorter rides.

Another nice feature is that Ninja has two chargers, so you can power up your batteries simultaneously. It takes roughly 5 to 6 hours to charge both batteries fully.

Ride Comfort:

Mukkpet Ninja Ebike

If you fit the recommended height range for the bike (5’4″ – 6’4″), the riding position is relatively comfortable. The bench seat is made from a synthetic leather-like material and features ample padding for those longer rides. The fat tires handle just about every type of terrain, and the full suspension helps smooth things out when the terrain gets bumpy.

The seat is big enough to accommodate two riders, but I would not recommend it for long distances, as it could be dangerous and hamper the ability to control the bike at higher speeds or in traffic.

Utility / Cargo Features:

The Mukkpet Ninja does not feature a cargo rack, but you can use third-party rack systems should you need space to carry some small cargo. Mukkpet also offers some accessories that might work, like bags/baskets. Your local bike/e-bike store can most likely help you find a solution as there are a lot of e-bike cargo racks out there these days. You can also find bags that will fit on the frame to allow you to bring smaller items like repair kits, pumps, personal items, etc.

Brakes and Safety Features:

The Ninja’s braking system is a 180 MM hydraulic disk brake, essential when you have a bike that can go this fast. The tires are also puncture-resistant to help prevent flats, but it’s always a good idea to add some sealant to help prevent flats. Your local bike shop can do this for about fifteen to twenty dollars per tire, depending on what sealant you get.

The bike also features an LED front headlight for night riding, along with a turning signal and brake lights in the rear when riding in traffic.

Pro Tip – Even though the Mukkpet features turning signals and a rear brake light, it might not be street legal, so it’s best to check local traffic laws before riding on city streets. You will likely just need to follow standard bicycle traffic laws and stay on the side of the road.

User Interface and Controls:

The Ninja has a standard color LCD display like those on most e-bikes these days. It gives vital information like speed, battery life, mileage, etc., at a glance. The display is mounted in the center of the handlebars, so it’s easy to use while riding and features enough contrast to read it clearly, even on super sunny days.

The bike’s motor can be controlled via the twist throttle on the right handlebar, or you can engage pedal assist mode using the +/—buttons on the left handlebar, which also features the master power switch. Each battery also features an on/off switch, so make sure these are engaged before you use the master power switch, or the bike will not power up.

The turn signal arrow buttons are also featured on the left handlebar, and the headlight can be turned on simply by holding the master power button for a few seconds.

Pro Tip – When engaging the pedal assist mode, it’s best to start riding the bike at 0 level of assist and then add the assist function once you have momentum. Doing this will prevent the bike from jerking forward when you engage the pedals when at a full stop.


Mukkpet Ninja Ebike

The Mukkpet Ninja offers many features for the price and is the perfect e-bike for those looking for more of a moped-style experience rather than a traditional bicycle design. I love the power and the range of the bike, along with the option to drop one of the batteries if you are making a shorter commute and don’t want the extra weight of the second battery.

The Ninja is also great fun on almost every surface and handles very well with its fat tires and full suspension, especially on dirt trails.

Why I Loved It

  • Great features and range for the price
  • The option to remove one of the batteries for shorter commutes
  • Cool design and full suspension
  • All the critical safety features: powerful headlight, turn signals, rear brake light, and hydraulic disk breaks

What I Wasn’t Impressed By

  • The chargers feel cheap, and the bike shop where I got it built told us they were probably not US-compliant.
  • The handlebar needs to be super tight, so it is something to double-check if you have it built or build it yourself. I went off a curb, and the entire handlebar slipped forward, almost causing a wipeout.
  • Battery 48V 15Ah
  • Charger US Standard 3.0 A Smart Charger
  • Range 80-120 Miles
  • Controller 48V25A
  • Hub Motor 750W brushless gear motor
  • Display LCD Display
  • Total Payload Capacity 300 LBS
  • Ebike Weight 83 LBS
  • Recommended Rider Heights 5’4″ to 6’4″
  • Time of Charging 4.5-5.5 Hours(single battery)
  • Tires 20″ x 4″ Tires
  • Throttle Twist throttle
  • Rear Light Left and right turn signal brake lights
  • Suspension With locking and adjustment functions.

Size Specs

Total Length 65.75″

Seat height 33.86″

Reach 15.75″

Handlebar height 45.27″

Seat length 22.44″

Learn more about the Mukkpet Ninja here

Price Range – $1499 – $2049

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