I always kind of liked Justin Bieber. That’s not something I’m ashamed of either, I’m just a sucker for catchy pop music. I mean, it’s manufactured in lab by people who get paid really good money to create radio hits. It should at the very least have an infectious, earworm quality to it.

However, recently I’ve transitioned from liking him simply through musical Stockholm Syndrome to actually enjoying what he’s releasing. And I know I’m not the only one. Ever since he teamed up with Jack Ü, I’ve heard multiple people lament “oh this is Justin Bieber?….damn it, I actually like this song.” It’s probably even happened to you.

I know, I know…this isn’t an easy realization to come to terms with. So if you’re understandably having trouble trying to get a grip on your life, here are seven (good!) remixes of some of his music to help guide you through this challenging time.


What Do You Mean – Angelika Vee Cover (Justin Caruso Remix)

Easing everybody in with a vocal cover remix. We wrote about this one back when it first came out and you can read all about it here.

Sorry – Brillz

This is the one that inspired the list; falling into the is-this-technically-trap-what’s-future-bass-anyway genre that was partially spawned, but definitely exploded in popularity from an oversaturation of the “EDM as a genre” that dominated dance floors and festivals for the past few years. Cerebral, creative, and much more unpredictable, this production style is a definitely welcomed shift and by far one of my favorites to listen to these days.

Company – The Knocks

The original version is already pretty good as it is (I know…) and the music video has some pretty incredible dancing featured in it, despite getting a little bit weird at the end. But how can you say no to The Knocks?

Love Yourself/Roses – Gustav Krantz

Man, I love a good mashup. I found a ton of different versions with ‘Roses’ and ‘Love Yourself,’ but for the most part (as this producer noted), they were all just the two songs layered on top of each other in some sense. While I still think this could use another rework, Gustav Krantz gets pretty close to perfect.

Here’s another cover version I also think did a really good job and managed the drop much better.

Where Are Ü Now? – basically everyone

It was pretty hard for a song featuring Diplo, Skillex, and Justin Bieber not to do well. There are so many remixes of “Where are Ü Now?” it was kind of hard to choose. Do you pick the beautifully reworked vocals and downtempo keyboards from Ember Island? Or the Minnesota remix of said cover that added just the right amount of ambiance? What about Kaskade? Some happy hardcore from Darren Styles and Grammar? Mr. FijiWiji?

We’re going with two from completely different ends of the spectrum.

First, the Skrillex flip of Marshmello’s remix. Sonny gets a spot on the list purely because of his ridiculously grimey Snails-esque drop that also does away that weird flute from the original version.

And second, LIONE’s remix of that Ember Island cover that channels a “Worlds” era Porter Robinson to capture the spirit of the original mix while also taking it in a different direction. You know, like a remix is supposed to.


So there you have it. We’re totally getting Timberlaked.

But if you’re still not really what to think about any of this, here’s that clip of him getting shot like twenty times on CSI.


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