This weekend brings the first ever stateside elrow’art, Kaos Garden. In the midst of Art Basel Miami, Friday December 6th, a proper house and techno lineup featuring Blond:ish, Demuir and more will soundtrack multidisciplinary artist Okuda San Miguel and renowned Producer Paco Osuna’s elrow’art concept. Through avant-garde art and electronic music, their particular vision of ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ in an experience where the audience will be part of a great piece of interactive art.

Kaos Garden 2019 Presentation

“I think life is boring if you don’t do things your own way, even if it is not the way or in the order in which everyone expects,” explains Okuda San Miguel about the leitmotiv of Kaos Garden. “For me, chaos is the freedom to choose your own path and have a good time going through it. Let’s do it our way”, dishes the Spaniard, who proposes all to be funny and irreverent in a magical event like the work of art he represents. “This experience is a challenge for me, an opportunity to innovate and do something different, because making music that identifies Okuda, elrow and what I represent, is a challenge because they are three very different concepts but at the same time very connected”.

Explore 3 artists invited to the Elrow Miami, the Kaos Garden.

3 Artists Invited to Elrow Miami, the Kaos Garden

Elrow Miami Lineup the elrow’art Kaos Garden

1. Blond:ish from Robot Heart, Burning Man 2018

2. Bastian Bux from Street Parade Switzerland

De La Swing from Elrow Town London

Learn more about the Kaos Garden concept and the nuances of elrow’art through our preview article and the following mini-doc. You still have time to make it this weekend, tickets are still available.

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