A 14-year-old Vancouver girl’s recent actions arise as an admonition that parents ought to take greater care to conceal their credit card information.

The that the Canadian rented a $600-per-night property on her parent’s credit card in order to host a party that would turn into a 200-person rave, after the news the girl’s party pervaded social media platforms.

The rental has been recognized by neighbors as a “party house,” but none the past affairs on the property have rivaled the girl’s in scale. “The bass was just picking up and the whole neighborhood was shaking because it,” a neighbor said, “kids just kept streaming in.”

The neighbor noted that police were able to shut down the rave after a matter 45 minutes, but the scent the party’s presence lingered long after ficials busted the bass. “The streets stank Jägermeister from all the pour-out,” the neighbor added.

West Vancouver police spokesman Const. Jeff Palmer attested to the size the event. “Kids were flooding all over the place,” Palmer stated, “Patrol team members were doing their level best to ensure that nobody was hurt and there were] no medical circumstances resulting from the party.” The girl’s parents and the homeowner arrived at the property shortly after police.

No charges have been filed against the girl, despite the estimated $20,000 damage done to the property, valued at $3.5 million. The parents and the homeowner intend to resolve the expenses incurred amongst themselves.

“There is discussion to be had around what access your child or your youth has to banking information and how you might control how they use it,” Palmer said.