An illegal rave taking place in Bevercotes Colliery near Ollerton over the Summer bank holiday weekend continued for a total 17 hours before police finally managed to disperse the gathering.

Due to the size of the rave, the authorities tasked with shutting down the event sent in a helicopter and extra officers to deal with the situation.

Nottinghamshire Police’s force control room told the UK publication Lincolnshire Live that storming in and immediately shut down of the event would be a bad idea since dispersing a large gathering such as this one needs "careful time and planning." Police set up a perimeter around the event to ensure that those leaving the location were not driving under the influence.

Hundreds of residents complained about the excessive noise coming from the event, many saying that the music could be heard from "seven miles away." Despite this, a huge number of locals voiced their support for the revelers the Retford Times Facebook page, saying they are "not causing any trouble" and wishing them "a cracking good time."

As the weather turned and heavy rain started to fall on the spontaneous gathering, the crowd gradually began to disperse on their own before police moved in to clear out the event.

Last weekend, police allowed an illegal forest rave in the Thetford Forest to continue on for hours since there was "no disturbance."