A 20-meter piece of the Berlin Wall has been uncovered in Berlin's Mitte district. The lost section of the structure, which divided East and West Germany for 26 years, was uncovered by city councilor for urban development Ephraim Gothe, who stumbled upon the lost landmark during a routine tour around the neighborhood.

Gothe told The Guardian how he managed to find this historical structure hidden in an overgrown section of a half-built park located near the Federal Intelligence Service's new housing complex. “We bashed our way through the thicket and found ourselves standing in front of this bit of wall,” he said. “We all asked ourselves what it could be.”

After confirming that the height and material used to construct the block of concrete matched that of the Berlin Wall, the site has been placed under the city's protection. The park where the section is located has been redesigned around it and plaques explaining the historical significance of the wall are to be placed nearby.

Following the reunification of Germany at the very start of the ‘90s, electronic music played a major role in re-establishing social connections between eastern and western blocks of the country. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was followed by an explosion of free underground techno parties in East Berlin and soon, the city’s infamous rave scene began to take form.

If anything, this new discovery calls for a Berlin Wall techno party. Any takers?


Photo: Miriam Karout