In an effort to provide support to the UK's grassroots clubs and promoters, Arts Council England has allocated £1.5 million in funding for independent clubs, venues and promoters throughout the country.

Working closely with Music Venue Trust, the Supporting Grassroots Live Music fund plans to provide between £1000 and £40,000 to chosen applicants who have been working on a project for three years or longer.

Meeting the criteria of being a "grassroots" venue or promoter who is seeking funding, Arts Council England defines the term as "those working with new, developing talent in small to mid-size venues."

“Grassroots music venues are essential both for our world-renowned music industry and communities across the country, and there needs to be a collective effort from both the public sector and music industry to support them," stated Arts Council boss Darren Henley. "With this fund, we’re ensuring that grassroots venues and promoters have the support they need to create the best possible environment for artists and audiences”.

Despite the fact that England's current music scene is stronger than it's ever been, independent venues have faced numerous difficulties staying open due to rising rents and business rates, licensing issues and tight profit margins. These factors have played a major role in the rise in illegal raves that continue to crop up throughout the UK.

Learn more about the Supporting Grassroots Live Music fund by going here.


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