There's a lot curiosity behind the clouded and multifaceted experience that is Dark Mo. Based in the lesser trodden city Hobart and in line with the Southern hemisphere's winter solstice, what makes this festival the darker and mythological arts so unique?

The Location

Let's face it, when you think about Hobart, not a whole lot comes to mind. Up until recently, you wouldn't hear your friends talking about getting away for a holiday to the bottom end Australia and then some. Dark Mo has altered the cities path by breaking away from any conventional stereotypes and in turn made the destination a choice for many. The festival now regularly draws hundreds thousands ticket buyers from all over the world. From little things, big things grow!


In an open your mind kind way, Dark Mo intricately explores the links between ancient and contemporary mythology, humans and nature, religious and secular traditions, darkness and light, birth, death and renewal. My word mouth advice is to expect the unexpected. So I just want to know how weird it gets if I'm already expecting that?!

The Music

Curation is key. It's a crate diggers delight obscurity with the likes and delving deep into the world techno, French boogie, Chicago house, UK dubstep, Russian punk rock, ambient sounds and much, much more. Some this years highlights include infamously jailed protest band PUSSY RIOT, DJ Harvey, Maurice Fulton, Legowelt, Juliana Huxtable and the plenty more (check out the lineup ).

Red Bull Music Academy inject it's world-traveling series music events and workshops for the third year in a row. They've showcased club and performance based multi-sensory installations in the previous two years. One thing that caught my EYE was there 2015 EYE workshop / performance. In the spirit Dark Mo's weirdness, this was a performance where they invited musicians into a circle with laptops and created an improvised collaboration with a sequence specialised hand signals. Kind like a musical drinking game.

The annual nude swim

Yep, you heard it right. For one night only, people volunteer to rid their jock and g-bangers for a Nude Solstice Swim to celebrate the shortest night the year. With the cold water and weather, I heard the night isn't the only short thing to appear. Expect to see some bare naked Stoney butts there this year!

After parties

The after parties are mysterious and an infamous part Dark Mo's festivities. Plenty rumours are rife that in previous years, they've had a dark room that you walk into and you've got to make out with whoever is put in there with you. Would you dare?

Mike Parr's Empty Ocean

. A performance set up on an island at 2am in the morning. All you are really told is to meet at the Dennes Point Jetty by 2am on Monday 12 June, near the corner Nebraska Road and Dennes Point Lane. Spooky enough?

No Lock Outs

Sorry Sydney, but the good times roll into the wee hours the morning in Hobart.

Big up to for putting us up for this experience in June!