Electronic dance music is my lifeline. It’s my go-to at at the gym, when I need a pick-me-up, or while driving home from a long day work. There have been many times in my life where I’ve been extremely down, and times where I’ve been on top the world. There has always been one thing that’s stuck with me during these trials and tribulations, and it’s dance music.

Dance music has been my go-to for almost two decades now. I’m only 27, but some the stuff I listen to is from the early ’90s. Tiësto’s and  were really big for me, as they was the first trance songs I really got into. We all love the classics, like Darude’s “Sandstorm” and Robin S’ “Show Me Love,” but when I heard the Safari remix to at a club back in 2008/2009, I fell in love with the whole scene. I’ve been hooked on a plethora artists since that time, and have traveled the world seeing different shows and attending different festivals. There is a different vibe for me at an EDM show than a hip-hop show (see below), and as corny as it sounds, PLUR is real.

I started writing for dance music blogs back in 2012, as the whole “EDM” era really started to take form. It’s been five years since that point, and the amount change, and also complacency, that I’ve seen in the industry has been staggering. There’s been good (What So Not) and there’s been bad (Paris Hilton), but seeing all these collaborations along with mega superstar DJs taking over Vegas nightlife has been something fun to watch. I remember writing for the blog and thinking, “Wow I just heard a dance music track on a commercial, we’re going mainstream.” Looking back, that gives me a good laugh, as dance music is all over the world, and one the most popular genres besides hip-hop and Pop.

You have international stars like , , , and . They’ve all worked with the most famous singers and bands on the planet. At some point, I lost my love in the music, and really got out the scene. I have to say, I used to go out until 4-5 a.m., drink a lot, do recreational drugs, and wake up with a terrible hangover. I stopped drinking and doing any sort recreational drugs, and didn’t think I would be able to go back to a show sober because I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it in the same light. I still loved the music, but just didn’t believe it would be the same. I actually went through a period addiction, and have been in recovery for quite some time. Dance music gets me through each day, as I have go-to songs when I’m going through certain feelings.

Everyone knows that certain songs remind you good or bad times and exact points time, but for me, dance music is a cure. I’m listening to music all throughout the day, whether it’s at work or at the gym, or even when I’m watching a sports game, I’ll have music on. Music is now my drug, and I want to give you a couple examples tracks that pump energy and love into me on a daily basis.

Hook N Sling ft. Karin Park – “Tokyo By Night” (Axwell Remix)

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello – Payback (Original Mix)

Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode)

These are just a couple my go-to tracks, but take notice that they are all extremely melodic and mood-enhancing. Any remix is gold for me, making him one my favorite producers all time. I remember seeing Swedish House Mafia at The Barclays Center in Brooklyn on their final tour, and having a huge smile the entire time. As I mentioned earlier, everyone’s got their go-to tracks, and I would love to hear what you listen to that brings your mood up as well.

The main point for me writing this article was to express my love for dance music, and to thank all the producers that put in countless hours in the studio and take all  the critique from haters on social media. You give us beautiful music to listen to, and you impact lives more than you think. For me, you help me stay on my recovery, and make me own each day, while staying positive and keeping away the negativity. For that, I thank you all.