If your New Year’s Resolution was to listen to better music, then 40oz Cult has the perfect compilation for you. The Cult just released “40oz Cult Vol. 2″ to kick off 2016, and it features some of the best bass music this year has to offer, along with some very talented well known and upcoming artists.

The cult leader, Dack Janiels, is featured on several of the tracks heard throughout the EP, and his signature machine guns, growls, and basslines are impeccably mixed into a variety of tracks from deep to heavy dubstep.

The first track features Dack and AB The Thief, a rapper turned trap producer from the Bay Area. With recognition from some of the biggest dubstep, trap, and hip-hop artists in the scene, this guy is sure to steal your attention in 2016. “Six Five Oh!” is a classic dubstep track, with a serious case of machine guns. Since AB is usually more trap-oriented, “Six Five Oh!” serves as a great entry for AB tapping into the heavier side of bass music.

Dack and K. Ro collab on “Sound Like”, a trap banger which is already going off in the club. K. Ro is a legend skateboarder turned trap producer, who has been making some waves in the bass community with his fire tracks and DJ skills. “Sound Like” features eerie synths and gangsta vocals, layered on top of a heavy 808, creating the perfect combo of bouncy and hood.

Subject 31 changes things up a bit with “Blue Quill”, which features a future-house-like intro that leads into a hectic and heavy riddim drop. The track will definitely make you want to put your gun fingers up, especially with the infamous “put your hood up” vocals heard throughout the track as well. If you liked the first drop, you’ll love the second drop even more (;

BOARCROK gives Dack’s tune “South Central” a remix, giving the riddim track a trap kitchen makeover. BOARCROK is an up-and-coming Los Angeles based dubstep/trap/hybrid producer and DJ, and has been released on a multitude of labels over the past several years. The “South Central” remix includes the use of some catchy pot and pan instrumentals, all while keeping the use of the vocal intact. I find that BOARCROK will also impress listeners with the multiple uses of genres heard throughout the song. I can promise you your head will be bouncing the entire track!

This next track features a very #rare collab in the EDM scene. Wednesday and Dack go way back, as they are actually brother and sister! Wednesday has been DJing for over seven years at some of the hottest nightclubs in LA and all around the country, and she recently graduated Icon Collective where she started to take more serious steps towards producing her own tracks. “Okubi” by Wednesday and Dack Janiels is a chill, deep song filled with “Devil May Cry” vocals and chants. The blend of distorted 808s and atmospheric bells make this the perfect tune for straight chillin.

“Ballin” by HAMi and Dack is a wonky dubstep track that just goesss. Dack and HAMi are the two masterminds behind 40oz Cult, and have both been killin the game these past few years. Essential to the 40oz Cult lifestyle, these two founding members incorporated some gangsta vocals into their track, along with a heavy snare, some great trap drums, and of course machine guns.

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