Meek and Kevin Hart rapping against each other? YES! It all went down over the weekend at Dria’s in Las Vegas. Meek set it f with a couple bars, “Popping up on my stage I’m like what is the odds/He must be on molly or something, look at his eyes.” After a few laughs, Meek passed the mic to MC Chocolate Drop, who took over with his unique comedic flare. “Meek Mill came to rap, I said don’t do none that/I looked at my ngga’s jeans, I said we been done with that/Stop fcking wearing pants that show your shape ain’t sh*t/I look at you, I look at Nicki, I say girl you too legit to quit.” It ain’t hard to tell who “won,” but it as all in fun.

Kevin saluted Meek: “If y’all don’t respect nothing else, respect my n*gga’s talent. Meek Mill is ficial and has the talent. He gets it done. I’m a fan forever. I’m a Philadelphia guy forever.”