Creative mastermind, , has been making major waves in the EDM industry. Being one Europe’s most acclaimed artists from Spain, the Catalonian musician, DJ and producer has been gaining major recognition in the US and around the world.

UNER discusses his new party brand Umamii, his experiences in the European and US electronic music cultures and more in our exclusive interview.

Enjoy UNER’s Burning Man set as you read our exclusive interview:

Give us a little introduction, who is UNER? How did you get started in the EDM industry? What made you start your musical pression?

So you recently held your first event for Umamii, your new party brand, at Pasha in Barcelona and you have another upcoming event on the 17th August. What was the grand opening like and what can we expect for the upcoming event?

Rumor has it that you are working on a new album right now in the USA with some classical musicians and composers in their studios. How is the progression the album coming along and are there any artists you are stoked about working with?

You have made a name for yourself in the EDM Industry across Europe with a residency at Ushuaia in Ibiza for ANTS for the last six years and have over 13 dates this summer alone in Ibiza. What is it like playing at clubs like these such grandeur in Ibiza?

Lately you’ve been gaining major recognition in the USA EDM Industry as you’ve worked with many American labels including LA based labels Culprit and Sol Selectas. You also have upcoming shows in San Francisco and LA at the end the month. What do you like about coming to the US to perform and how does the experience differ from performing in Europe?

You are an artist who likes to express himself through a combination senses, something that makes you unique to the scene. How hands-on are you with your sets?

Besides presentation, what makes you different? Do you have any personal life hacks which you can share with us?

You have your own successful label . What can we expect to see from the label in the near future?

Rumors recently circulated about SoundCloud possibly shutting down. As an artist and active member the audio platform community, what are your thoughts on that situation?

Last question, What is some vital advice for up-and-coming artists struggling in the EDM industry?

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