Following 2015’s The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, Tyga is preparing to release his next body work.

The rapper/reality show personality spoke with Harper’s Bazaar about his forthcoming project, and he also discussed the music from the past that most inspired him as an artist.

Tyga mentioned Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and Prince as influences. However, the “Rack City” performer admitted to being an early fan Eminem and his initial era Hip Hop.

The first rap album I bought was Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP so I wasn’t even based on West Coast rap like that. I didn’t get into Tupac until a little later, once I started understanding rap and people’s stories. Eminem was the first rapper that I actually started dissecting the lyrics, and once I got attached to his stories, then I started listening to Dr. Dre, then Snoop ’cause they were all under one camp. That’s when I started getting into West Coast rap—The Game, then I started studying a lot Tupac and watching his interviews. I’ve always been a fan music. I would say I’m a fan late ’90s to early 2000s rap. That’s where I get all my inspiration from.

While Tyga has managed to earn several Gold and Platinum awards, the 26-year-old California native has also faced significant criticism from social media users.

His financial troubles, relationship with Kylie Jenner, and feud with Drake have all led to the collective Internet slamming Tyga on occasion.

According to the Kingin’ with Tyga star, the online opinions do not affect him.

Online is online. It’s a whole other world. It’s not actually real life. People go on there and talk sh-t or criticize, but I’ve never been into the Internet. I’m not an Internet artist, I didn’t get discovered on the Internet—I got discovered pushing my mix tapes on the street, walking on foot, going to parties, passing them out. So it doesn’t really get to me like that. I guess with the generation we live in, we just want to be entertained at the end the day. A lot artists make themselves accessible, so they feel like every artist should be like that. Some artists shouldn’t be so accessible, to me.