Lavender tapestries greeted my best friend Barkha and I at the entranceway to . The scene was one I imagined to be except minus the forest, add the beach and Chicago skyline. Henna in your peripheral vision and yoga mats aligned on the right, activity tents welcomed us; all extracurriculars were free. Grabbing Barkha’s hand, we coasted past the Silent Disco to booth. Red blend, rosé, pinot grigio and moscato kissed our lips as we took a sip out the stackable wine cups for purchase. Buzzed and starving, inhaling billowy whole wheat veggie bun took precedence.

Trekking stage to stage across a sea sand, wearing ill-fitted flip flops, was quite the challenge. A hemp-straw safari hat rested atop Raury’s hip-hop/folk-filled head. St acoustic guitar strums escorted his emotive voice amid “.”

Samantha Gongol’s black thigh high boots and blonde ballet bun accessorized slinky sound. “I got this thing, gonna tie your tongue” belted out Gongol. “Step in my ring. You’ll be out round one.” She gleefully skipped across Mamby’s Beach Stage during Steve Davit’s saxophone solo while performing their assertive 2015 anthem “.”

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s “Pure Imagination” opened  sugary set. Singer Mandy Lee courted fiancé and bandmate Etienne Bowler with her indie pop mating call “Drummer Boy.”

The Mixmag Stage’s  delivered feel-good Detroit house below the gigantuan LED walls draped in kaleidoscope visuals. I was entranced by his ficial remix Diplo & Sleepy Tom’s “.”

As spun Disclosure’s “,” a live violinist stepped in, front and center; while the bow’s hair glided across his instrument’s G-D-A-E strings, sunbathers grew misty-eyed.

One brunette, jean-jacket-wearing babe in particular, caught the corner my eye as her glossy lips traced the vocal sample word “addiction” during ’s closing set. Alvarez’s intuitive beat blending techniques and playful body bopping, engaged Silent Disco participants.

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