Fresh off the trail of their Unsung Heroes Tour, ill.Gates and KJ Sawka are teaming up once again to release a 4 track EP, Unsung Heroes – ill.Gates vs KJ Sawka. The EP features the title track, “Unsung Heroes”, a VIP remix, and two additional remixes; one from Architekt and one from Sugar Beats.

“Unsung Heroes” opens up with a sample from the amazing tour video released a while back (watch here) and is followed up by groovy drum and bass inspired drum lines blended perfectly with hard hitting electro influences, and of course, a large helping of slapping bass. A sample from Mario Savio can also be heard during the track, speaking into the duo’s strive to no longer be just a part of the system, and instead take their place in the limelight.

Architekt and Sugar Beats both have lent their remixing abilities to the track as well. Taking no prisoners, Architekt is up to his usual shenanigans, supplying some gritty, hard hitting dubstep vibes to the already bass ridden track. Compared to a more DnB influenced original, Architek’s take on Unsung Heroes goes down a much darker route.

Of the EP, SugarBeats’ remix was the biggest surprise, taking an entirely different approach to the track and really plays around with the funk vibes found in the original. With the addition of vocalist Calysta Cheyenne, SugarBeats has created a beautiful funk / glitch hop rendition of Unsung Heroes that not only pays proper tribute to the original mix while at the same time really making it their own and showcasing the talent SugarBeats possesses.

You can get the full Unsung Heroes EP via the links below. Make sure to follow Kj Sawka, ill.Gates, Architekt, and SugarBeats for more amazing music (links can be found below as well).

Unsung Heroes EP (Beatport)


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