wants to help curb the effects gentrification in New York City. The group’s new initiative is called NightCamp NYC — a two-day intensive workshop series which brings together promoters, venue owners, stakeholders, government representatives and global nightlife experts.
“Following the successful repeal the city’s and the announcement a new , New York City is entering an exciting period activism after dark,” The Creative Footprint said in an statement. “The Creative Footprint brings 15+ years experience from two the world’s foremost nightlife experts to the city’s vibrant movement, and will arm the scene with necessary data to better protect itself.”

The group is seeking investors  in order to procure data, host the conference, and present the data to attendees.

“It’s very rare that creative scenes have enough data to support their arguments when it comes to gentrification,” says the group’s founder Lutz Leichsenring, a Berlin based venue owner and  spokesperson for the 220-member Club Commission since 2009. “The Creative Footprint is a way for us to work with communities to gather their data and hold governments and developers accountable for how they affect their scenes.”

The Creative Footprint hopes to raise $35,000 over the next month and a half.

The Creative Footprint establishes initiative to curb gentrification