The Chainsmokers have been working overtime in 2018. While touring the world Alex and Drew still found the time to lay down two EPs worth of new music. Each track explored a different area for the duo. Some tunes were pop-oriented, others fell entirely in the electronic paradigm. Their latest track with NGHTMRE once again gives fans the unexpected.

The Chainsmokers & NGHTMRE – ‘Save Yourself

‘Save Yourself' wastes no time dropping into a brutal dubstep drop. Pulling inspiration from Riddim and trap producers, this single stands out in a big way. Having seen The Chainsmokers at Ultra 2018, it is clear that the guys are working hard to win back fans who were turned off by their focus on pop productions.

‘Save Yourself' might just be the song that wins back the old school Chainsmokers fans. Check out the new single below.