This past weekend, many like minded festival goers gathered from near and far in the boutique town known as Palm Springs for a highly anticipated house music festival, . The event spanned over three different hotel pools as well as an unparalleled after party location at the .

Arriving Friday evening to the Air Museum, I was so excited to see what was in store. The venue was perfectly arranged; seeing the vintage planes under bistro lights surrounded by glowing smiles, truly set the tone for the weekend ahead.

The breeze was a pleasant break from the heat while sipping on a , wiggling under the stars to the exquisite techno, house, and disco sounds of .

Saturday we started our day at with the sounds of ,  & , and . The hotel pool was surrounded by beautifully painted balconies that had been decorated to the T for the “Bitchin Balconies” competition. The heat had everyone soaking up the misters and hanging out in the pool to cool off enough to be able to dance.

We met up with some friends and ventured over to the to catch and  get groovy.

Saturday night at the Air Museum came and went so fast while dancing with friends to beats from some of our favorites; , , and . The stage was set up in front of a massive Douglas C-47/DC-3 Skytrain airplane with the Palm Springs International Airport in the background. There was a point during Fisher’s set where the visuals played made it seem like the plane was coming in for landing. I could not have imagined a better venue and set up.

Sunday was a scorcher, filled with lots of misty fans and water. We began our day with and at Seguaro before heading to catch a “Special Guest” set by Fisher at . After accounting for travel time and possibility of hitting capacity we decided to head over to the Renaissance early for and . Not to our surprise, capacity was hit quickly, causing some attendees to not make it in.

Overall the festival was a wonderful experience, it was beautiful and bright, with many smiling faces and awesome outfits. The room parties were just as fun as being in the crowd, and the music was impeccable. We will definitely be back for more next year!

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