The dubstep duo started off as a pop-punk band heavy in the metal scene with barely knowing each other. Sooner than later after one of them keeping their ears open in the electronic scene, they started touching their feet into the dubstep world. After listening to some intriguing remixes of some of their favorite bands, they couldn’t resist to mess around with producing.

Always leading the superhero theme, the duo has had sold-out shows, released albums, and remixes catching the ears of many. If gaining new fans doesn’t say much to you, then allow their Grammy Nomination for the remix of Undercover by Kehlani do all the talking. Adventure Club recently performed for the first time at this years in Salmo River Ranch in Canada.

Before jumping on decks, blowing away fans with their industrious sounds, we double teamed the duo, interviewed them about their past endeavors and visions.

Listen to ‘Dream’ ft. ELEA as you enjoy our conversation with the men themselves:

Are you really excited to play tonight?

How did you guys actually meet? I know you were in a pop-punk band initially. 

And now you guys are here again in nature, hey look how that worked out!

What impulsed you to transition into electronic music after being in the band?

When you transitioned then how did you come up with the name ‘Adventure Club’?

You mentioned that you guys actually played around with producing while you were in a band, so did you teach yourself how to produce?

I read that you use Sonar by Cakewalk and you use Ableton for editing. For upcoming producers who are trying to learn different programs for music production, why do you use Sonar- what are the benefits from that one versus using Ableton alone or any other program?

In 2013, you started Superhero Anonymous Mixes, why did you chose that theme with Superheroes?

This year you guys got a Grammy nomination for the remix “Undercover” by Kehlani. How does that even feel- to make it this far? 

Since you have been traveling internationally to perform. What are some of your favorite places and do you have any memorable moments?

You guys are really good at implementing a lot of different genres in your mixes. Nowadays, you do see producers that stick to one genre but then later start doing another style of music, and change. Do you guys feel like you will continue to stay in this direction with dubstep?

What can your fans look forward to in the next couple months/year?

So last question, who is each of your favorite superhero?

Listen To Bonus Remix of Undercover from Kehlani by Adventure Club:

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Collaborative Editorial With Franchesca Spinosi and Janet Jaimes.