Music has always been a speaker with which we, the listener, hear the world’s heartbeat. Throughout human history, it is the medium, the language we all inherently learn to speak. Young and old, deaf and blind, even the most downtrodden can turn to music, perceive it in their own special way. It is shared in private moments between lovers, public displays of camaraderie among strangers. You go out into the world and it beats a million drums.

For many of us in the electronic community, though raves, festivals, basement parties -whatever your mode of consumption may be, we have tasted of these universal moments. We understand much more than mainstream media allows us. Lost behind the commercialization of big room house and the banal repetitiveness of the 4/4 people assume defines all “EDM” lies the pulse of what we believe in. The stories we bring with us, the openness of emotions, the driving beat that makes our heart fill each time we step onto to floor.  When we hear music we hear the tapestry of life.

Right now there is so much going on in the world. The news is never positive. We cry out to each other, and hope whoever is listening is kind enough. In these moments many of us turn to music. Stephen (Swartz), an LA-based producer, is well-known for producing phenomenal works. Some of which we have covered here and here. His skills alone are worth praise, but his latest piece, “Crossfire” is a poignant, powerful, emotional piece of introspective that resonates deeply with the pain humanity is feeling. The production work is deserving of a thorough breakdown. However, Stephen has transcended the wobbles and the breakdowns to deliver unto us a defining piece of what it means to be a musician, an artist, a human.

“Crossfire” deals with the harsh reality we are facing. And as a response to the gnawing thought which pervaded his heart:

                       “I kept asking myself, why them and not me?”

Amidst the chaos music still speaks. And Stephen has a lot to say. “Crossfire” is one of the most powerful pieces in the last few years and I apologize that I am unable to formulate the proper words to delineate it justly. Listen to it here:

Wherever you are from, put aside your differences and remember, you have been and always will be human. Listen to your heartbeat.

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