Sluggo & Architekt are no strangers to the world heavy music. Both hailing from metal backgrounds, they have combined their styles into one cohesive track, which delivers on its promise – its heavy as hell. The track opens with a roaring cinematic sweep, setting the tone for the inevitable doom the drop. Using samples from old 50's & 80's sic fi – horror films, a story is told a giant slug attacking a city much like Godzilla. The drop plays out just as so, with missiles and guns and roaring monster noises battling for the forefront the bass line.

Just when you thought the track couldn't get any heavier, Architekt and Sluggo give us a BRUTAL heavy metal breakdown carries us from drop to drop. Sluggo , (who's worked with metal legends korn)Provides the axe slinging metal vibes, while architect delivers on the horror ambiance & Terrifying sound design. the result is this MONSTER a track!

The cover art was hand drawn & colored by Architekt and the animated video he created paints the picture what this song is all about.