Skrillex Does Lead Vocals On New From First To Last Track

Skrillex, also known as Sonny Moore, is a well-rounded artist and man many talents. Aside from being one biggest electronic DJ/producers in the world, he has a vibrant past being the frontman the emo-era rock band From First To Last. He left the band in 2007 to pursue his career as Skrillex and has seen massive success since then. However, like many us, he hasn’t truly abandoned his emo roots. Moore recently reunited with FFTL and debuted a new track called ‘Surrender‘ during a DJ set at Emo Nite LA with him on lead vocals.

He first reunited with his bands mates back in , giving fans a huge surprise and leaving them wanting more. The new track ‘Surrender’ is to be on the new album the band has in the works, which also has another track with Moore on lead vocals. The long-awaited album has no ficial release date yet. Stay tuned and watch the Instagram live stream the performance below!