French DJ was sent to earth in 1986 and 24 years later he was pulled into electro house. The attraction to electro house grew so strong he had to feel the energy of the music in the palm of his hands. He started producing music by remixing artists like Cold Blank, Mystery Skulls, Kygo, The Killers and Sean Paul to flex his skills in various realms of electronic music. Now you will find Romain Good playing electro house, trap, glitch hop, dubstep, drum and bass, future bass and moombahton.

His music is a perfect mirror of his mission, attractive popping dreaming breaks, emerging into bad nightmare drops.

While reviewing his catalog of releases you will notice he works a lot on a progression between parts with poppy synths. Good’s latest release ‘My Old Videogame’ is a dubstep heater. ‘My Old Videogame’ is a original at 122 Beats Per Minute BPM.

Romain somehow ties in his signature dubstep wobbles at 140 BPM, giving this track a life of it’s own to take us on an energetic adventure, as if we were in a videogame.

You’ll be wishing you had a VR set to play video games with during a rave- to really simulate Romain’s concept.

Prior to this release Romain Good offers us a hard dance track ‘For Real’ as a featuring on the mic.

‘For Real’ is packed with energy and explicit lyrics, perfectly designed to set cause chaos on the dance floor. Then once you keep exploring his collection you will be introduced to his banger, ‘‘, which is also a . Also, you will experience more hard dance with his wild ‘Popping Balloons With Guns’, an instant rave classic.

Amongst all the mayhem, Good shows us a lighter side with his future bass remix of Jasmine Thompson‘s elegant ‘Mad World’.

Thank you , , and and for inspiring Romain to create music and Good’s ghost producer cats for really helping polish these singles off for us. Keep up with him as he grows as an artist by following him on his social media handles linked below.