How old was Ron Trent when he produced ‘Altered States’? Who produced ‘We Shall Overcome’ on Plus 8? If you can answer these questions then perhaps you have a good chance at winning !K7’s TechnoQuiz card game.

Initially produced in 1996, !K7’s TechnoQuiz tests an individual’s knowledge on dance music the time. It's very much like Tril Pursuit. The deck includes 50 cards and the objective the game is to collect the most cards by answering the questions. That said, there are a few questions that are a bit outdated.

Like the question: "What's the name the most famous French DJ?” People today might say Daft Punk, but in 1996 perhaps it was Laurent Garnier (pictured above). There's also a question asking to name Richie Hawtin's alias, but today we know he has several.

In any case, the time has come for all music snobs (yes you) to test your knowledge on how much you know about dance music.

View the gallery above for a selection cards from the game thanks to .

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Photo from Fantazia 1992]