Last year we featured and the father, daughter combo Robert and Lyric Hood was relatively new news. As one techno's leading lights, the introduction Lyric to the more gospel project is one that's taken things forward in a really positive way.

Floorplan's second album 'Victorious' showcased a return to the melodic and soulful side Hood's techno and it built upon the strong, uplifting foundations that the first album, 'Paradise', established back in 2013.

The dynamic duo return now with an exceptionally good four-track EP called 'Let The Church' and it features two new remixes and two original cuts. Floorplan classic 'Never Grow Old' gets a wobbly, housey remix from Lyric Hood while 'Victorious' album track 'He Can Save You' gets a more linear makeover from Robert.

We've got the premiere new cut 'Made Up In My Mind' and it could be Floorplan's most spiritually connected track yet. Gospel piano chords burst into focus alongside fierce kicks and holy vocals. It's nothing short epic and it's going to make a lot dancefloors around the world, very happy indeed.

Check it out below

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