Failr returns today with a brand new, upbeat tune called Starving For You featuring the smooth vocals from Swaré!

Failr (Warwick Levy) has been on the fairly quiet over the last year (probably busy running his fun and quirky clothing label ) only dropping one single last year; so we are stoked to have to opportunity to premiere his latest fering.

Starving For You started its journey as 'a chopped up piano sample that Failr was playing with'.  With the sample laid down, Failr asked his mate Toby Chew (MOZA) to jump on board and try create a bassline/guitar riff for it and voilaFailr had the key elements to get started on a new track.

From there, fellow Sydney-sider Swaré stepped in and delivered the perfect vocals to match with Failr's organic instrumentation. Two peas in a musical pod.

“This was probably the most fun I ever had working on a track. We challenged ourselves to work within timing limitations and the more constrictions we added the more creative I felt with it. I sort feel like I created the music I wanted to make back in 2014, but finally had the skills to make. Like a lasagna. I couldn’t make a lasagna back in the day but I watched a Youtube video and figured it out. But yeah I love this track. And lasagna” - Failr

It's fun, it's catchy and it's well-crafted. Everything goes hand in hand!

Check out Starving For You below!