Popular Melbourne nightspot The Bottom End has come under new management and has received an exciting new face lift.

Michael Delaney – the man behind Honkytonks, Third Class, Sorry Grandma!, Survivor!, Po Do and 77 – has taken over the CBD venue with intentions bringing new life to one the biggest and most versatile locations in Melbourne.

He is joined by Nergal Youkana (Charades Sydney) and Peter Shopovski (House  Mince, Sydney) who will be bringing their veteran knowledge in promotions and bookings to ensure The Bottom End becomes a go-to spot for Melbourne nightlife.

Speaking on the new direction the venue, Delaney says they are making the best use the place by “separating this massive venue into three distinct spaces”. This will allow them to “provide the best drinking, eating and boutique clubbing spaces to different audiences, simultaneously.”

So this is how The Bottom End is looking now:

GROUND FLOOR – EASEY’S will be taking over the ground floor, cooking up their delicious burgers 6 days a week.

MIDDLE FLOOR – BANANA : PEACH is a lightning rod for Melbourne’s world famous electronic music culture, able to host events any shape or size.

TOP FLOOR – FRANCIS28 – GAY CLUB Level 2 is Francis28, accessible only up the stairs from the Francis Street entrance. The original, much loved home POOF DOOF cements itself as the very best gay venue in the city.

For more info on The Bottom End’s fresh new look and events, head to the venues ficial .