The come together with Seattle, Washington’s for a 180º turn in production for “Free.” This versatile collaboration goes to show just how unique and powerful music truly is.

Motopony is known for their melodic and experimental psych folk. However, the group’s mastermind, Daniel Blue, wanted to dive back into his dance music roots and further his experimentation in music. Blue grew up in Seattle’s rave scene during the 90’s grunge slump. He struggled for years to blend his unique psychedelic and melodic folk music with modern day dance music, and collaborating with Pegboard Nerds and “completely transformed Blue’s thinking.”

Pegboard Nerds really allowed Motopony to be free in this release, complementing Blue’s vision for the sound perfectly throughout. Motopony’s style is prominent, while Pegboard Nerds laid back and sprinkled in subtle electronic elements, including bass, arpeggios, and a few other synths. The Nerds also took to the mixing and mastering to achieve a more electronic music final sound feel without overdoing it. This is a remarkable release, and it allows the listener to release and just be free.

To further enhance the free feeling this collaboration, there is a graceful music video. View it below:

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