A new study by American Addiction Centers has revealed that just 40.5 per cent ecstasy pills sold in the UK contain MDMA.

Based on results testing kits and/or consumption users, , the study also showed that 21.4 per cent pills in the UK contain MDxx, while 11.5 per cent contain unknown substances.

At 68.8 per cent, Netherlands has the highest amount pills containing MDMA. United States has 34.7 per cent, Turkey has 29 per cent, Canada has 25 per cent and Australia 16.1 per cent.

The study also revealed: "Of over 22,000 pill samples recorded, more than 71 per cent users believed the drugs had been adulterated based on their experience after consumption.

"While Pill Reports found more than 55 per cent the drugs examined were, in fact, pure MDMA, less than 29 per cent men and women who took these pills correctly assessed the quality or chemical components that made up this substance."

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