New Lawsuit Filed by Father  Ghost Ship Fire Victim

Photo Wikimedia Commons

The father Edmond Lapine II, who was among the 36 people who died in the last year, has filed a lawsuit against the owner and operators the Ghost Ship space.

The lawsuit, filed on March 24 in Alameda County Superior Court by Bob Lapine, charged that, "confluence avoidable circumstances" killed Lapine II and the others in the fire, reports the .

The lawsuit alleges that Derick Ion and his wife Micah Allison, who ran the Ghost Ship space, along with building owner Chor Ng were aware the fire hazards within the building. Others named in the lawsuit include the event promoter the December 2 show, a performer playing at the warehouse, and representatives a next door business. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

This lawsuit is just the latest in a series actions that have taken place since the fire. A criminal investigation is currently underway and late last year, the parents 20-year-old Michela Gregory against Ng, Ion and others.