Many know  as the darkly dressed drum & bass devotees, who, for more than a decade, have enraptured the electronic scene with their high-powered, ’80s-channeling anthems, like “Two Minds” and “.” But now, under the moniker The Night, the trio’s two married members, and have set out to “,” as they indicated in a recent, mysterious tweet.

However, the pair have now confirmed they have a full-length EP, Different Story, set for release in either spring or summer 2018,  ‘s Instinct imprint. The new project will create a space for the traditionally shadowy characters to explore smoother dance and synth-pop sounds that would be ill-suited under the nefarious Nero name.

Stephens recently told that the side project — two years in the making— salvaged his creative energy. Over time, he grew weary  the notoriously dark color palettes ensconcing Nero’s larger-than-life productions. Although now, Stephens says he “feels fresh” divulging back into Nero.

The first a long list releases to come, “Different Story,” which Stephens has used to close out a number Nero DJ sets as late, can be pre-saved .