Following the tragic earthquake that erupted in Mexico City on September 19, experimental music festival , which is set to take place in the city between October 11-15, has rallied its followers and festival attendees to assist in the donation much needed materials.

Assisting with the setup a collection center at the Universidad de la Comunicación in Mexico City’s La Roma neighborhood, festival organizers have been aiding in the collection surgical supplies and personal hygiene articles for those in need, as well as flashlights, lamps, batteries and helmets to support search and rescue efforts.

On September 19, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City and reports have revealed that at least 217 people have died. Dozens buildings collapsed in the highly populated city. This earthquake came only two weeks after a separate 8.1 magnitude earthquake hit elsewhere in Mexico, killing nearly 100 people.

The website down yesterday but is now back online and there has not yet been any word if the recent disaster has in anyway affected the structural integrity the festival’s venues. Mutek, which originated in Montreal, is one the world's most progressive festivals with a focus on electronic music and technology.

Lend your support by donating to the relief effort .

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