Master mixers just might find their talents matched by auto-mixing function.

Originally reported to be in the testing phase by , the auto-mix feature runs by beatmatching two tracks once the Spotify user enables the shuffle button, and turns f crossfade. Once the shuffle capability is turned on, and crossfade is disabled, a Spotify algorithm that can perform mixes in real time is able to run in the background, displacing the traditional algorithm that allows a previously recorded mix (read: a regular Spotify playlist) to play. Spotify is notable for its release a similar function named “Party Mode” to its mobile app in 2015.

Spotify declined to comment in detail on the new auto-mix feature when contacted by Music Ally. “We are always testing new products and experiences, but have no further news to share at this time,” the spokesperson said. Music Ally found the auto-mixing competency to be evident only in Spotify’s playlist.

If Spotify does launch the function at a later date, the auto-mixer will arrive as the latest development in a series attempts to establish and popularize artificial intelligence DJing apps that replicate human ability behind the decks the use algorithms.