The accessibility of making electronic music is a wonderful thing. Anyone with a computer and a power outlet can do it, and many of the world’s best producers started out experimenting in their childhood bedrooms.

In a digital world filled with budding producers it can be hard to get your music the attention you feel it deserves.

Moon Jelly is a creative agency that aims to help with this pursuit. It provides an online hub for artists and DJs, where they can access articles, guides, exclusive webinars and podcasts to help plan out a strategy to boost your artist profile.

More hands-on services are also available through which you can enlist the assistance of a team of experts to do everything from writing artist bios and designing logos to growing social media following and earning YouTube and Spotify playlist inclusions.

With a considered release plan in place, “it becomes much easier to visualize a roadmap to success - such as more Spotify plays, more tickets sold to your show, and even more followers on your social accounts,” says Moon Jelly’s chief strategy officer Remko.

Head to for further details and to sign up to Moon Jelly.

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