Hey there everybody. It’s Monday, which usually spells the worst day of the week for most people, but not for us. For us Monday means mashups, and that is what I have for you guys. So let’s get into it.

First up is a set that was released a few days ago by a very talented group of mashers that go by the group name GLDN Collective. This all-star cast is made of some of the best mashers in the game right now. The list includes:

Ricky CervantesFlipboitamidlesIsosinePennwallaceTopsiderFrail Limb PurityDJ BahlerDr. Brixx, and Rob Whelan. I know almost every single one of these guys and can safely say that they are some of the most creative people I know or know of. They are consistently trying to better themselves and push the limits of cross-genre mashups. What the guys of GLDN Collective do in the simplest of terms is make the mashup community a better place. Make sure to grab the free download of the whole set.

GLDN Collective – GLDN Standard Set

Next up is a new bootleg from someone who is new to the mashup world. Johnny Chokit nails this mashup with the melodic female vocals throughout that accent the instrumentals oh so nicely. I’m sure we will be seeing more of him in 2014.

Johnny Chokit – Alive At The Apollo

A last second edition from our artist submissions introduces us to a new talent out of Virginia named Chris Bergin. He sent us this mashup of Avicii, Krewella, EDX, Sick Individuals, and OTB homies Mysto & Pizzi so you know we had to post about it. Give it a listen and I think you’ll be presently surprised (don’t be turned off by Avicii until you listen!) Great to see new talent doing big things.

DJ Iceb3rg – Neon Love (Avicii X EDX X Mysto & Pizzi X Sick Individuals X Krewella)

Lastly is a new mashup from yours truly, FrankCarmine. I’m not going to bore you all with paragraph of self promotion. This is a track I released earlier this week and I hope you all enjoy it.

FrankCarmine – Breathe

Don’t forget to help support the artists by following them on SoundCloud and checking out their social media accounts. Thanks for pressing play!

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