This past Friday, the dark techno & progressive house Los Angeles DJ Anakim released his official remix of El Eden by Marco Viera. The remix pulls strings from the underground music scene keeping it at a darker tone. The remix will be featured on an official El Eden EP alongside the original mix and a Sant Nieto remix . 

The twist Anakim puts into the track makes perfect for an underground warehouse party.

Listen To Anakim’s Remix of El Eden by Marco Viera:

Just recently, Anakim’s progressive house single, “Heightened Sensitivity” earn the honors of Insomniac Event’s Track of the Day.

Listen to Anakim’s “Heightened Sensitivity”:

Anakim made his debut this year at Coachella Music Festival Yuma’s Tent before performing also at Holy Ship 9.0.

Based in Los Angeles, he’s performed at the and . Leaving imprints around the city, he also holds a residency at Sound Night Club. He attended , where he had the chance to polish his sounds and make it his own. Keep up with him on his social media handles linked below.