British producer Lapalux has released a third collaborative track from his upcoming album ‘Ruinism’. ‘4EVA’ features Talvi and is a slice smooth, psychedelic hip hop.

Lapalux is set to release his new album ‘Ruinism’ Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label on June 30. In the lead up to this, Lapalux has already released two collaborative tracks from the LP: ‘Rotted Arp’ featuring Louisahhh and ‘Flickering’, which featured Icelandic singer JFDR. On this, another cut from ‘Ruinism’, Lapalux has teamed up with Talvi from band Prince Innocence.

Speaking about the track, he said: “I’d been a fan her band Prince Innocence for a while and loved her low slung, seemingly effortless style singing. As soon as I got the vocals from her it all fell into place and I rebuilt the whole song again to fit around them”.

Listen to ‘4EVA (feat. Talvi)’ below. ‘Ruinsim’ is set for release on June 30