Jersey Club Torchbearer J Heat Shares Debut EP on Night Slugs

Photo courtesy the artist

New York-born, Los Angeles-based producer today shared Jersey Transit Systems, his debut EP for widely-admired UK imprint . The four-track record finds him exploring a mass transportation theme—track titles include "Boarding Station" and "Derailed Moments"—while using a relatively subdued yet fine-tuned Jersey club approach.

Where the Newark-rooted is most widely known as , each the tracks here convey more introverted kind melancholy, like that which might come about while lost in thought on the train. J Heat has regularly employed these kinds moods before, especially on his PAN-affiliated artist , but here it's distilled into a concise sonic world across four tracks.

Jersey Transit Systems follows a he's given away in recent months called Supplements, and his last year.

If you want more from J Heat, he's also got an where he regularly gives out unreleased tracks, older tunes, and more.

The EP is out now and available for .