Before pioneered the seminal dance-punk band , he was a DJ. Surely, with this job comes the ability to read the room — at least that’s the goal.

In a new episode Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich’s show, Murphy discussed one particular instance where this just simply wasn’t the case, perhaps fering some insight into his eventual label and band switch.

Looking back on the evening, he said, “I was DJ’ing what was kinda like a techno house club, and I was really high. I was dancing around, like, ‘Man, if someone would play ‘Loose’ by the Stooges right now everyone would go crazy.”

“I got up and the first record that I put on at 3 o‘clock in the morning in a place filled with people on drugs that are there to hear techno was ‘Loose.’ And a guy was trying to climb into the DJ booth to kill me, and I was like ‘No, just listen to it, man. It’s amazing!’”

And while it’s likely James Murphy exaggerated his proximity to death, it’s for certain he made the right choice in not pursuing techno as a full-time gig.



James Murphy talks playing The Stooges in a techno club